2 Commercial Roofing Mistakes Businesses Must Stop Making

To any business owner, the responsibility of maintaining a well-kept commercial space all year long is something that never loses its importance no matter what is placed on one’s plate. 

Compared to the past, where traditional business methods alone were sufficient for success, today’s standards mean that having a good product and giving better prices don’t cut it anymore. Regardless of your business’s size, what you sell, or how long you’ve been in an industry, achieving success goes far beyond the bare minimum, even as far as to bear the need for a great-looking establishment.

By now, you’ve probably become aware of the fact that having your business’s location stay in perfect shape isn’t a mere want but more of a need. As you continue to dabble into the whole idea of maintaining your commercial area, there’s one critical part of the success equation that you should be mindful of: the risk of making commercial roofing mistakes.

Common mistakes to start avoiding 

Admittedly, your roofing may be on the last of your priority list when it comes to maintaining your commercial property because it doesn’t seem as visually dominant as exterior paint, interior design, or signage. But looking deeper into the role that the roof plays in your establishment’s overall performance will show that prioritizing makes the most sense because:

  • It greatly affects your property’s curb appeal
  • It can influence the way customers perceive your business before they even walk through the door
  • It can affect the comfort that both customers and employees have within your commercial space

Now, while it may be easy to see why your commercial roofing matters in terms of keeping your business running smoothly, actually avoiding the mistakes that can jeopardize your experience is a different story. To help ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes that will cause you to spend more on maintenance and restoration, it’s best to be mindful of these mistakes you’re at risk of making:


Although they may not seem as such at first, commercial roof servicing, maintenance, or replacement processes are detail-intensive tasks that require a certain degree of planning. Suppose you fail to give the necessary attention and preparation to the processes themselves and end up procrastinating them. In that case, you can end up with rushed jobs that will turn into hazards and headaches that will cost time and money!


If there’s something that you absolutely don’t want to do when it comes to your commercial roofing, it’s jury-rigging it.

As a business owner trying to maximize profits and keep things moving despite the effects of COVID-19, it only seems logical to do repairs or replacements yourself. But the problem is that a little elbow grease, Internet videos, and determination can lead to an exponentially worsened situation that will:

  • Create safety hazards within your own property
  • Cause your customers to feel uneasy in terms of your ability to best serve them since you chose to take an unsafe route with your maintenance obligations
  • Cost you double or triple what you would have spent if you chose to hire a professional instead

As a far better alternative to following a DIY approach with your commercial roofing-related needs, hiring the services of a professional like 5 Star Roofer to sort everything out for you will lead to a better result at a much lower cost! 


While there are many different items on your business’s to-do list, one task that needs more attention is your commercial roofing, especially when it comes to mistakes that you need to avoid. Thankfully, keeping this list in mind will allow you to make the right decisions moving forward and ensure that you keep everything in order without burning through your savings, sanity, or safety! 

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