3 Must-Know Key Points When Having Your Roof Replaced

There’s a reason the portion “a roof over your head…” is included in the phrase “a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and food to eat.” The first pertains to one of life’s necessities: housing. Without a home, we would have no permanent residence and shelter from the elements. The latter is even more significant when a house’s roof is taken into consideration. 

A roof, by definition, is the covering at the top of a building or home that protects inhabitants from heat, cold, rain, and wind. And because a roof faces these harsh elements over long periods of time, it experiences wear and tear like many other items. When the time comes, a roof replacement is necessary to guarantee the protection and safety of those residing in the building.

You might think roof replacements are easy because they aren’t like home remodelings. They’re just fixing the top of my house. Simple as that, right? While it sounds so, there are a few details you may want to go over before seeking help from a roofing company. 

Here are three must-know key points most roofing contractors might not tell you when having your roof replaced:

Roof Replacements Are Very, Very Loud

Even with the best roofing contractors money can buy, there is absolutely no guarantee for a silent roof replacement. The team assigned to your home is going to take apart and replace your roof shingle for shingle. 

Re-roofing involves the removal of tiles, re-tiling, hammering of nails, movement of the crew, and even the use of certain machinery to complete the job! Even in a house with two floors, the construction noises may make it hard for you to work or even concentrate. You might end up suffering a mild headache for the days during and after.

Noise From Roof Replacements Affect Pets, Too

Loud construction noises aren’t just bothersome for humans, but pets too! Customers who’ve stayed at home for their reroofing noted that their pet cats didn’t turn up until a week after the job was done. Dogs are slightly less affected compared to cats but can still end up riled, angry, or traumatized by the constant racket. 

If your pet dog is stressed out by strong thunderstorms and barks loudly during those moments, they will show the same behavior when your home is being re-roofed.

The Installers’ Path Must Be Kept Clear

We understand if staying elsewhere disrupts your family’s routine while your house is being reroofed. In cases like this, be sure that your pathways and movement steer clear from that of the installers so they can do their jobs efficiently and effectively. Make sure you set a general area for your family members (and pets, if possible) to pass through daily until renovations are finished. 

For everyone’s safety, temporarily restrict areas that interfere with the roofing contractors’ setup (the main door, front yard, backyard, garage, gutter lines) so they are not hit by falling debris. You can get regular updates from your contractor to find out which areas the team will be working on and what areas your family should avoid.

Final Thoughts

Reroofing your home will take days to accomplish. There will be a lot of noise to disrupt work, study, and even pet behavior. It will disrupt your day-to-day life because the contractor and his team will be busy moving to and from your house setting up equipment, removing tiles, then re-tiling your roof.

Still undecided on whether you should stay at home or move elsewhere temporarily during a roof replacement? Contact 5 Star Roofer! We are the best roofers in Birmingham, Alabama!

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