3 Tips to Maintain Your Commercial Roof Ventilation System

An excellent commercial roofing system does so much for your business establishment. However, if it’s not properly installed, maintained, and cared for, it won’t last more than a decade—its expected lifespan. Furthermore, a roofing system without ventilation will absorb more heat than it can handle, causing a buildup of condensation, mildew, and mold. 

Any problem in the ventilation system of your commercial roofing will not only destroy your roof more quickly but will also cost you more on electricity bills as it can block heat and cold inside your building. This will lead to more maintenance calls or even full-on replacement years before it’s due.

However, there are things you can do to prevent these things from happening:

1. Watch out for factors that could damage your roof

Your roof is the outermost layer of protection for your business establishment. You don’t have to layer your roof with another protection system since that is the purpose of the roof to begin with. And since there are natural factors that could destroy your roof, your best action is to take preventative measures to avoid further damage. 

To protect your roof, you have to consider the location of your business. If it’s located in an area constantly exposed to sunlight, your sealants will most likely suffer from it. But again, it can be avoided by regular inspections. Special considerations must be made for areas that experience extreme weather conditions during summer and winter. 

Other factors are ants, termites, snakes, bugs, rodents, and more living things that can live under your roof if they find any passage to welcome them. These pests can make homes within the many nooks and crannies and can cause significant damage to your roofing system. 

2. Inspect your commercial roofing regularly

It would sound funny if we tell you to climb up your commercial roofing from time to time just to check any problem. Well, if you think that’s not a crazy idea, you can do it if you want. But it takes an expert o to recognize if anything is wrong. 

What you can do is schedule an inspection with a roofing company to prevent potential issues on the vents, eaves, soffit ridge vents, and the like. Don’t worry about the inspection fee because it will save you much more than doing a major repair. 

3. Establish loyalty with your roofers

If you are pregnant, you are going to stick with your doctor until you give birth. Similarly, when you have a serious health problem, you go back to the same doctor for consultation. Now you might be asking, how are these connected to your roof? 

The point is, you have to stick with your roofing company to do all the inspections and repairs. This is because they know the history and have a complete record of your roof’s condition. They are the only ones who have all the information about all maintenance and repair needs! Switching to a new roofing company from time to time may cause them to miss some critical areas for monitoring and repair. 


Your roofing system is your business’ most reliable layer of protection. If you fail to protect your roof from natural and chemical damage, it will also fail to do its duty. A properly installed roofing ventilation system is excellent to have, but it still needs regular inspections and professional maintenance to prevent future damage. 

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