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5 of the Most Common Flat Commercial Roofing Problems

It’s a simple fact that when it comes to industries and commercial establishments the roof of the building is the last thing that comes to the mind of the owner or the manager. This is mainly because the roof plays no major role in the day-to-day life of the owner. But when it comes to safety, it is one of the most important parts of the building. The roof protects the interior of the building from harsh elements.

If you own a building or are managing a commercial establishment, then it is very important to keep a constant eye on the roof. There are many things that can go wrong so you need to ensure that the roof is always in good condition. Hence there are a few things that you should be looking out for


It is one of the biggest concerns of any commercial establishment. The leaky roof not just causes damage to the interior of the building but also puts the lives of the people working in the building at risk. A leaky roof will not only ruin the roof but also the things in the interior. This is one of the major issues that you need to keep an eye on.

One of the most common causes of leaks is the poor installation of the roof. If the roof is not installed properly from the start, there are chances of leaks during the rainy weather. You need to keep checking on the roof regularly to keep track of the installation. Also, make sure that any additional material on the roof is installed in a proper way.

Old Roof

With time, most of the roofs tend to wear and tear. After a certain period of time, the roof will lose its strength and it will not be able to take the load of the rainwater. This is one of the major problems that commercial buildings face. The lifespan of a roof is around 20- 25 years. But, it also depends on the material that has been used for the roof as well as the climate of the place. With time the roof gets damaged or old and loses its strength. Hence, it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Reduced Wind Resistance

The main purpose of the roof is to withstand strong winds. The roof must be strong enough to withstand the strong winds. When there are strong winds, then the roof is at risk of losing its strength. This can be very harmful to the building. Hence, you need to ensure that there is proper wind resistance on the roof.

Shingles Sagged

The shingles will start to sag with time. When it comes to flat roof repair, you need to make sure that the shingles are properly installed as well as the fixing is done in a proper way. If the shingles are not attached to the main frame of the roof, then there are chances that they will start to sag. This will create damage as well as will affect the look of the building. Hence you need to check the shingles at regular intervals.

Damaged Flashings

Another major problem that most of the buildings face is damaged flashings. Flashings are the part of the roofs which are very difficult to check. If the flashing is not properly sealed then there are chances that the rainwater will get into the building. This will be very harmful to the entire building structure. Hence, you need to ensure that the flashings are properly sealed and the covering is in good condition. Also, make sure that there are no gaps or damages in the flashings.


If you want to save up on maintenance costs plus want to increase the life of the roofing, you need to invest in a long-lasting roofing system. By hiring a professional contractor, you could get the highest quality of work. If not, you’ll likely end up paying for a new roof every few decades or sooner. 

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