5 Star Roofing and Restoration: An Independent Roofing Company You Can Count On

Looking for a dedicated and professional Independent Roofing Contractor in Alabama? 5 Star Roofing and Restoration is here for YOU. At 5 Star Roofing and Restoration, the ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, and we bring that about by using only the best materials and workmanship at the absolute best prices. You’ve come to the right place.

Professional, Skilled Roofing

Where You Need It


When it comes to your roof, quality matters. And not just when it comes to materials. You can purchase the best kind of wood for a porch and then ruin all of the material in the installation process. The mindset behind this idea, combined with more than 30 years experience in the field and on the job has given us a professional skill that’s hard to beat. 5 Star Roofing and Restoration was built on customer satisfaction and a job well done because our customers matter to us. There’s a reason why 90% of our customers have become aware of our work through word-of-mouth. And when customers are happy enough to recommend us to friends and proudly show off their new roof, we couldn’t be happier. Are you looking for trusted roofing services? We’ve got your back.


We Work With Your Insurance Company

Quickly and Directly


Bet you’ve never heard quickly and insurance company in the same sentence before, but at 5 Star Roofing and Restoration, we’re experts at working with insurance companies. We’ll work to make sure all of your damage makes it on paper and that the money isn’t coming out of your pocket as much as possible.


At 5 Star Roofing and Restoration, we bring professional skill to a whole new level in the roofing industry. And this is quite possibly the reason why we remain one of Birmingham’s favorite Independent Roofing Companies.

Our Services


Our skills and services range from full roof replacements to gutters, siding, repair and more. We are Birmingham’s top choice for Independent Roofers because we’re dedicated to always improving and doing a job that everyone can be proud of at the end of the day.


If you live in or around Birmingham and are looking for a trusted, professional, transparent and compassionate Independent Roofing Company and are sick of being spammed with high prices and half-finished work, 5 Star Roofing and Restoration is here to bring you the best that a roofing company can offer without emptying your wallet. Give us a call TODAY for more information about ways 5 Star Roofing and Restoration can make a difference for you and your home.

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