Common Causes of Damage to Your Commercial Roofing

No matter the type of roofing you have, it’s still going to deteriorate slowly over the years. After all, your roofing is exposed to harsh weather elements every single day, not to mention other possible damaging factors like tree branches as well as decaying leaves and other debris.

Even the roof of your business facility is susceptible to damages, too. That said, it doesn’t mean you should just let it happen and not do anything to protect your roofing or try to extend its life. To help you prepare for issues that could occur with your roofing, expert roofers from 5 Star Roofer share some of the most common culprits behind roofing damages so you’ll know how to handle them:

 Pooling Water

If there’s a pool of water on your roof, it’s likely caused by a clog in your gutter system. It may also be due to the poor design of the roofing system itself. Another probable cause is a clogged HVAC unit. Whatever the reason may be, standing water on your roofing should immediately be removed, and the root of the problem should be fixed, or your roofing could deteriorate fast, and you could be dealing with leaks.

Scrapes, Cuts, and Other Leak Issues

Even if your commercial roofing is fairly new, leaks can still happen due to scrapes or cuts that could accidentally happen during maintenance routines or repairs. Leaks are also among the most common issues with commercial roofs, and the majority of the time, it is due to faulty installation of flashing.

Flashing, when installed correctly, can be really effective, but if the expansion and contraction of the roof haven’t been considered, there could be a problem with the flashing as it won’t be properly sealed. This causes leaks and other problems.

Wind Issues

Strong winds can also cause a plethora of problems for the roof, especially when it hasn’t been installed correctly or given regular maintenance. The pressure from strong winds, together with the air pressure coming from poorly installed roofing can cause a wind uplift that can be damaging to both the membrane and the seams unless it’s addressed immediately. Additionally, strong winds with heavy rainfall can blow off vents and chimney caps that could lead to leaks.

Signs of a Problematic Commercial Roof

Stains on the Ceilings or Walls

If you notice some discoloration or staining on your ceiling or your walls, that’s a sign that they are exposed to water – meaning there’s a leak somewhere in your roofing system.

Odor and Mold

Do you smell something foul in your business facility?  Perhaps you see, mold growth on your ceiling. These two are a clear red flag that there are moist spots in your roofing system and it’s possible that mold has already spread somewhere, and your staff’s health could be at risk.

Puddles of Water on the Floor

This is perhaps the most obvious sign of a leaking commercial roof. When you notice that there’s dripping rainwater from the roof and ceiling or puddles of water on the floor, you need to contact a reputable roofing company at once.


As you can see, it’s not just residential roofing that could be damaged. Remember that your commercial roofing, just like your home’s roof, is constantly exposed to weather elements plus other potential causes of damage. However, that doesn’t mean that you should just let your roofing deteriorate because that’s where it’s going anyway. At the first sign of a problem, contact your trusted roofing company. Don’t wait until the problem is worse before you contact a professional.

If you are looking for 5 Star Roofing & Restoration is among the most dependable roof contractors in Birmingham, AL, and nearby areas. Our highly-trained roofers offer expert services both for residential and commercial roofing. Contact our team today to find out more about our roofing services!

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