Choosing Between Wooden Shingles and Wooden Shakes

Wooden roofing can change the look of your home and provide a more rustic look to the overall property. It can be quite a pleasant decision to have the wooden material top off your home. However, you’re going to have to face two different choices when it comes to the roofing style.

Although wooden shingles and shakes look quite similar, they have a few distinctions between each other. Here’s a short guide of questions that can help you in deciding which one you’d like more for your home:

Which Is More Appealing In Appearance?

Wooden shingles and shakes can almost appear the same, pass off as the other. However, they each have their own little differences. Wooden shingles, for one, are flatter across the surface of the roof. They never deviate from the pattern at all.

Wooden shakes are a little more different. They are a more rugged version of the aforementioned roofing style. Where each component of shingles is pretty much the same when manufactured and applied, the shakes’ pieces are not. Instead of a uniform pattern, it can look more varied in texture and change the overall appearance of the roof.

Which Is Easier to Have Installed?

It was implied above that the components of wooden shingles are more similar in shape and size compared to wooden shakes. Having shingles done can often lead to an easier and quicker process of installation.

Wooden shakes can still be a good option, though they can be slightly more complex to have installed. For both roofing styles, it’s best to have an experienced roofing contractor who will be able to evenly lay out each piece and upscale your roof.

Which Is More Cost-Efficient?

Although the prices may vary, wooden shingles are usually more affordable and beneficial. Wooden shakes also hold their own appeal as they’re unconventional, but shingles offer just about the same protection in a roofing system. The components of shingles are likely to be produced and ready to use already, so they’re the more cost-efficient option.

Which Offers Better Insulation?

Insulation of the roof isn’t determined by the design and cut of your roofing system, but rather the wood quality and weather in an area. However, wooden shingles and wooden shakes do vary in thickness, affecting the insulation of the roof and home. Wooden shakes are much thicker compared to shingles, which means they offer better insulation in the long run.

Which Offers Better Durability?

Durability is determined in the same terms as insulation. Since wooden shakes are thicker than wooden shingles, they’re offering much better overall durability and longevity for your roof. This can still change depending on what kind of tree the shakes’ components are made out of, how drastic the climate can be in a region and how good the installation of the roofing system is. 

Which Offers Easier Maintenance?

They’re both just about the same in maintenance. If you go with wooden shakes and the installation had not been evened out, water can start to build up and leak in the crevices. Hire a roofing contractor that will be able to offer quality installation and ask about the treatments and maintenance in their services. That way, your roof can always stay in good shape.


Wooden shingles and wooden shakes each have their own pros and cons. With this set of questions, every homeowner should be able to deduce and decide on what kind of roofing system they want on their property. 
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