Dealing And Solving The Leak Issues On Your Metal Roof

Metal roofs can be used for plenty of residences, especially for homeowners who would prefer steep-sloped tops. It’s mainly utilized for properties for commercial or industrial purposes, though; many businesses in the United States use metal roof systems on their buildings thanks to its design.

When hearing that something is metal, the first thing that people think of is that it’s strong and almost indestructible. However true that may be, it isn’t weird for metal roofing to run into issues. Something as simple as a leak can be quite the problem that will affect your roof system.

If you’re curious to learn how leaks can affect your metal roof and what’s the best way to deal with it, keep on reading.

Metal Roof Use

Before fixing the problem, it’s important to inspect what kind of metal roof is being used to deduce the potential issues. The leaks located for an architectural metal roof system, where a separate roof deck is installed, may be different for a structural metal roof system, where the roof panels are used as the deck itself.

There’s also the function of the metal roof systems as well. Some metal roofs were made to be hydrostatic, which means it keeps the water around until it’s time to drain as pre-engineered. Hydrokinetic metal roofs are the opposite, as their steel slope allows the building to remove any water off of it immediately.

Metal Roof Leaks 

Although it may sound like some variations like the hydrokinetic metal roofs are better for getting rid of water right away, each roof is just simply prone to damage. It may be due to the prior installment with the seams or flashing beforehand, creating an avenue for the water to go through and trickle in.

The leaks may have occurred due to how old the roof may be too. Metals can oxidize and begin to decrease in their structural integrity. The oxidation process usually kicks in after the protective coating has been removed in the past already. However, it can really depend on what type of metal had been used on the roof.

Metal Roof Solutions

Once all the variables have been identified, it’s time to move on to finding solutions for your metal roof system. It can be dangerous to handle the issues on your own, so be sure to get a roofing expert to take on the problem and carry out the operation that you need to do. Here are your potential options when it comes to solving the leaks:

  • Repair. Repairs can be quite helpful if the roof systems haven’t aged that much yet, and if the installation is worth keeping for a while. Keep in mind that repairs on metal roofs should be reviewed and maintained every now and then to ensure that it’s still good.
  • Restore. Roof restoration can be quite a meticulous process, as it sets out to fix any deficiencies and improve the current roof installation. By the end result, your metal roofing systems should be as good as new, topped with a fresh protective coating.
  • Replace. If the original installation wasn’t great and the leaking areas are too much for repair, it may be best to start from scratch. Roof replacements give you an opportunity to revamp what kind of roofing systems you have on your property.


Leak issues with your metal roof system can be a little frustrating, but take reassurance from knowing that solutions are available. Be sure to get in contact with a professional roofer in order to get the operations done so that your building can go back to being dry.

If you need any roofing contractors in Birmingham, call 5 Star Roofing and Restoration. We offer residential and commercial roofing, offering industry-leading manufacturers and labor warranties. Get in touch with us now!

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