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Does Your Roof Have Storm Damage: Look Out for These Signs!

Your roof is designed to withstand the toughest storms, but there are some storms so severe that even your roof might be damaged. Please be safe if you decide to inspect your roof; if it is too high up, try looking at it through a window, or use binoculars if you are standing on the ground. The safest thing to do is to call on a professional roofing contractor to do the inspection.

All of that said, here are signs that your roof has storm damage!

Roof Damage From the Wind

When there is a lot of wind, roof shingles can blow off. Missing shingles can lead to leaks in the roof and other interior damage. Even when the roof doesn’t appear damaged, other wind-related damage can be hard to detect. For example, the sealant that keeps rainwater from leaking inside the house might have broken, causing the moisture to begin damaging the ceiling and walls.

When choosing shingles for your new roof, it is important to make sure you choose shingles with a wind warranty. If the winds go beyond the wind coverage of the manufacturer, you should file an insurance claim.

Horizonal, thin lines where granules wore off around an inch or two under the shingle above are a major sign of this. It’s likely that the shingle seal broke, leading the shingle to flap around in the wind and rub against the shingle. Shingles will be do well against the elements when they’re sealed into a singular roof deck that’s water tight.

Roof Damage From Falling Debris

Tree branches or other items can fall to the ground when strong storms come through. If a branch or item lands on your roof and does not look like it is going to fall off, you should leave it there. However, if the branch is too heavy or large to stay in place, calling on professionals is key.

Debris damage is usually apparent given cracked shingles, missing shingles, visual identification of debris and a large granue piles at the end of a downspout.

Roof Damage From Hail

If hail falls outside, it typically isn’t a localized event that only occurs on someone’s roof—it happens widely in an entire neighborhood. Hail might chip the shingles. These indentations cause cracks in the shingles that let water seep in over time.

Signs include a large pile of granules at a downspout’s endpoint. Emphasis is placed here on the word ‘large,’ since it’s normal to find a small amount. Other signs include indentations in the shingle with missing granules, collateral hail damage like dents on cars and other items, as well as a pronounced pattern of divots that are small and round-shaped on the shingle’s edges.


Roofing systems are crucial for structures to maintain the safety of the occupants inside. It’s possible for homeowners to inspect their own roofs, though it’s best left to the professionals. Signs of damage can include horizontal, thin lines where granules wore off, cracked or missing shingles and collateral hail damage.

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