Everything You Need to Know About Flat Roof Ponding

Water damage is one of the most common property problems. But, when it comes to roofs, homeowners want to preserve their quality of life and maintain their value. 

Flat roof ponding is an issue that many homeowners experience. Any water damage or intrusion on your house can become a real threat to your property. It can easily damage your roof, cause water damage inside, or lead to mildew and mold growth.

To avoid any problem, it’s best to inform yourself about flat roof ponding and how you can prevent them.

What Is Ponding?

Ponding is when water collects on your roof after heavy rain or a storm. While they are not a problem in most roofs, flat roofs are most susceptible to ponding. In the former, water generally drains off or evaporates, but in the latter case, they tend to collect, hence the ponding.

Roofs are best constructed in a way that prevents ponding, so any water that falls on it would drain off instead of collecting. Water on non-flat roofs generally drains off or evaporates in about 48 hours, but ponding may persist for days for flat roofs. If that happens, it is best to contact repair services within the next 48 hours. 

Ponding may not be a problem for the first few times, but if it happens regularly, you’ll want to protect your property from any further damage. Even roofs made with water-resistant materials need protection, and frequent ponding could lead to deterioration.

What Does Ponding Do to Your Roof?

Ponding does not void the warranty on your roof, but it may badly affect the quality of your roofing materials. For example, if water collects on your roof, it may cause sunlight to concentrate on that area, hence making your home hotter inside. Ponding that happens for several days also causes other debris to settle on your roof, making it heavier and dirtier. Eventually, these little things may degrade your roof over time, requiring repair or replacement.

How to Fix Ponding

If you have structural problems that don’t let water drain off, then you’ll need professional help. Roofing companies specializing in flat roof repair can check for damages on the beams, frames, and beams that may interfere with drainage. If you have a flat roof, then you’ll more likely need professional roofing services.

If your roof has a good drainage system, then roofers will need to check for any obstruction. Fortunately, any plumbing issues or any blockage in your drain can get easily fixed, allowing you to resolve your ponding problem quickly.  

Another common cause of ponding is when your roof has many indentations due to people walking on it and letting water sit in these recesses. Any protrusions on your roof may also contribute to ponding. This includes vents, skylights, and air conditioners. To check what repair is needed for your roof, consult professional services. 


Flat roof ponding is an issue that many homeowners may not take seriously at first, but they may cause damages that require more expensive repairs in the long run. Addressing the problem early on lets you protect the quality of your roof and extend its life without the need for replacement. The best way to do this is by contacting a roofing contractor. 

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