5 Flat Roof Issues That Can Be Problematic For Businesses

A roof that has been installed by experts has the ability to last for decades longer than one that is poorly installed. However, even the best installers cannot address the myriad of challenges a roof has to put up with throughout its lifetime that can lead to various issues. In fact, some roof types are at much higher risk of running into problems, such as the notorious flat roofs many commercial building owners opt for.

Own a business with a flat roof? Here are the problems you may face that can cause serious issues for your business:

Leaky seams

Great flat roofs will have rolls of material that are usually coated with a membrane to ensure no water gets through the seams. Unfortunately, there are some spots that may be missed, meaning uncoated seams are left, allowing water to seep into the roofing structure. Water and roofs never go together, and leaving this issue to its own can lead to expensive water damages you never want to deal with. As such, having experts come and detect these problems along with coating the roofing material will ensure this expensive issue is not your burden to carry.

Blocked drains

Around the roof, drains are installed to ensure no standing water remains in a position to slowly cause problems. Unfortunately, these drains end up not only holding water but even other debris like leaves and twigs. Over time, this can cause the drains to get blocked, hurting their ability to drain water away from the roof. This can lead to massive leaking issues that are expensive to fix. Frequent checks will help you catch these problems before they happen, keeping your roof standing-water-free.

Wobbly flashin

The flashing on a flat roof works along with drains to keep water away from sensitive areas of the roof. However, the flashing can grow loose over time. This simple issue can lead to complex issues that are tough to fix. After all, their job is to protect vulnerable parts of the roof. If it comes loose or even missing, it can expose such an area to the outside environment. As such, take the time to look at your roof’s flashing. If you see any possible issue, reach out to a roofing expert to analyze the problem for a fix.

Loosened screws

Much like how flashing can get wobbly and loose, so do the screws in the roof. This is due to the natural expansion and contraction of the roof due to the heating and cooling of the environment. This can cause the screws to slowly loosen and even pop out completely, leaving holes open for water to enter. Again, water damages are incredibly expensive to fix, so spotting this problem early ensures you do not have to deal with it.

Punctured membranes

Many flat roof types such as TPO and PVC generally have a membrane coating on the surface to make the fixture water-resistant. However, this membrane is not immune to problems. Punctures, cuts, and other issues can lead to holes that allow water to leak into. We do not have to tell you that water seeping into the roof is bad news, so checking the membrane once in a while can allow you to spot these punctures quickly for a fix.


All of these flat roof problems can spell disaster for your business, and if you have such a roof on your company property, you might be worried. Fortunately, all these problems can easily be fixed by simply hiring a roofing expert to run maintenance on your roof once in a while. This type of preventive maintenance can fight off issues that can lead to heavy financial burdens, allowing you to focus on doing business under the protection of a reliable roof you can trust on.

Are you looking for commercial flat roof services? 5 Star Roofer provides that and more for properties in the Greater Birmingham Area. Reach out to us today and get professional commercial roof contractors to keep your flat roof in excellent shape!

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