How Do I Replace My Roof If I have Solar Panels?

Having an environmentally friendly roof over your head is not only cost-effective but can also increase the value of your home. Your roof has and will always be a large part of maintaining your everyday life. When it comes time to replace your roof, it is not silly to worry about what would happen to your solar panels. Not only was the choice to install solar panels a big one, but now a whole roof replacement can put anyone on edge. 

As friendly as you are to the environment, sometimes the environment is not so friendly to you. Purchasing a new roof is no easy decision, but it is a choice that is worth every penny in the long run. If your roof has been damaged by a storm and you don’t wish to replace or repair your roof, you run the risk of damaging your solar panels and any other roof-mounted equipment. If another storm were to blow in, the debris from previous roof damage can scratch and destroy other parts of your roof including the solar panels on top. Your roof damage should not keep you from enjoying all the benefits solar panels have to offer. 

Good news! When choosing to go solar it can be a costly installation, but having your solar panels taken off for roof replacement won’t tank your bank account. The work that goes into solar panel installation involves a lot of wiring, calculations, and permits. Luckily with the re installation, you won’t have to worry about all the steps needed in the initial installation process. Having a solar panel company remove your solar panels is always going to be the best option for handling and storage reasons. Costs will, of course, vary depending upon how your large your system is. The extent of labour needed to replace your roof and reinstall solar panels depends upon what material options you want to use for your new roof too. 

The fun part of it all is that you receive a brand-new roof that is bound to last a very long time. Solar panels are also lightweight and easily attached by a professional. They also are compatible with most roofing material. 

With the money you save by going solar, it may be a good option to have your roof revamped. Maintaining your solar panels is important if you want your roof to pay for itself. If you are looking to sell your home in the future, having a new roof with solar panels will return thousands of dollars to you and peak a lot of buyers’ interest. You can offer your house at a more premium price.

Thanks to the longevity of well-maintained solar panels and their energy savings, you can also expect more disposable income if you need roof repairs. 

Hopefully, with the information you’ve gained, you can feel a bit more at ease knowing that when you need your solar panel roof replaced it is not as big an expense as you may have initially thought.

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