How to Choose the Perfect Shingles and a Roofing Contractor

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It’s no secret that most people are currently in a financial bind. This is why most homeowners are remaining in their homes longer than they thought they would. Because a home is an important and rather costly investment, it’s understandable that people are making the most of it.

This includes the investment that is put on the roof. It protects your family and it contributes to your home’s appeal, as well as the overall value of the house. That being said, your roof still requires a lot of care and if you don’t tread lightly and don’t do maintenance as problems arise, it can cost you more than your roof is even worth.

choosing the perfect roofing shingles

Choosing the Right Contractor

People need to really stop and think when it comes to putting money into replacing a roof. How do you choose the perfect shingle that will protect the inhabitants of the house, but also increase the resale value of the home? There’s also the issue of choosing the right warranty to protect your investment as well as choosing the right contractor for you.

Everything else can be perfect, but if you choose a bad contractor, the whole operation may as well be worthless. How do you know if a contractor is right for you? Have they done good work in the past? Read up on reviews online and ask people who have used their services in the past. Find out what works best for you.

Choosing the Right Shingles

There are three main types of singles when it comes to residential roofing. There are the Royal Sovereign shingles, which offer a basic look and are fantastic if you’re on a limited budget. There are also types of architectural shingles, much like the Timberline shingle that offers an enhanced appearance that is just a little different than what you see in a lot of homes in the modern age.

If you’re into something a little more unique, there are types of designer shingles like the Camelot. This shingle really dresses up a home and can really do a lot to add to its curb appeal for homeowners trying to sell. A real estate professional knows that your roof will typically represent up to a shocking 40 percent or more of the curbside appeal when it comes to your home. Designer shingles are specifically for people who want to invest more in their home and the overall beauty and curb appeal, not necessarily for someone on a budget.

Designer shingles come in a variety of styles and colors to suit just about anyone’s tastes when it comes to roofing. Plus, you’ll get to standout and they come with a lifetime limited warranty!

More than Just the Shingles

So what comes after deciding what type of shingle is right for you? Yes, a brand new roof is more than just putting those shingles up. Believe it or not, it’s actually a system of very important components that work together to protect your home and the investment you have made in it.

The shingles do this by protecting the roof deck. What’s a roof deck? A roof deck is the plywood that’s underneath the shingles. Waterproof leak barriers are also put into place with a seal to protect the vulnerable areas of the roof, like the eaves, valleys and attic ventilation. A roof is also never completely finished unless it has the right ridge cap.

A ridge cap should always be the corresponding product from a shingle manufacturer.

“What Does Attic Ventilation Have to do With It?”

Genuine and correctly installed attic ventilation is critical for a lot of reasons. It can, first of all, have a critical impact on the overall life of your roof. Why? Because what happens with a new roof is that during the summer all the heat and humidity can get trapped in the attic and if it can’t breathe properly, your shingles will very literally get fried.

This isn’t too mention a steadily rising energy bill and the fact that not only can too much humidity cause mold and mildew problems, which can affect your health, but secondly, in the winter the air from inside of your home can get trapped very easily in the attic which leads to problems with your roofing system and also a soaking of your insulation and a steady increase in an electricity bill.

A lot of manufacturers specify that even with adequate attic ventilation as part of your roofing system, ventilation is absolutely critical and you want to be certain that the contractor that you hire is well aware of this fact because many of them aren’t. One of the biggest issues is that if you do end up having an issue with ventilation, it usually isn’t covered under warranty.

“What Do I Need to Know About Roofing Warranties?”

We have to learn to look beyond just the warranty itself. Some manufacturers have developed enhanced warranties that provide better and longer protection that isn’t just for the shingles like it was in the past. Instead, they now offer warranties that cover the entire roofing system, including defects in the materials. This way, if there is a problem with the installation, you can rely on the contractor to come back and fix it for you. Especially in an emergency.

Hiring The Contractor 

Always look for a certified roofing contractor, not just any guy off the street with a tool belt and a hard hat. If you find a contractor that is certified by a manufacturer to install their particular products, usually those contractors are going to be more familiar with how things work and how to install everything correctly.

When it comes to installing a new roof and choosing the perfect shingles, remember that it’s more than what you see. There is a vast amount of work that goes into installing a roof as well as hiring the perfect contractor and just choosing what will look and work best for you. It’s hard work, but we’re confident that you’ll make a great decision that will work perfectly for you and your home.


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