How to Solve Roof Leaks in Alabama in 5 Simple Steps

It was supposed to be a great morning when you suddenly notice that you have a leak in your roof. Although it was not a massive one, you still worry that it may cause bigger issues in your home. Then, the next thing you do is think of the ways on how to deal with it. There are five steps that we recommend for you to do after discovering a roof leak.

1) Check and deal with any puddle of water

The first step to do is check your home for any water that may have seeped inside. Usually, they spread and soak wherever they find a resting area. If you notice that the pool of water is located in the ceiling and seems to be heavy enough, it can affect the whole structure. Make sure to fix it before you discover that it’s too late to avoid some parts of your home being compromised.

Locate the wet spot, usually the part which shows a big bulge in the ceiling. Then, poke a tiny hole in it. It will allow the water to be released at a slow pace. Make sure to prepare a bucket and put it below the affected area. This will catch the water and prevent possible damage in other areas.

2) Make sure your personal belongings are in a safe place

Once you’ve detected a leak in the areas where you keep your valuable personal belongings, equipment, and furniture, transfer those items as soon as possible. Make sure they have the right protective covering. Keep in mind that water has the ability to damage your furniture, clothing, documents, and other household items. If not inspected and treated properly, this will lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Once that happens, expect more severe problems to be experienced. 

3) Perform some temporary solutions

While waiting for a professional to fix the leak, you can take some measures to prevent it from worsening. Make sure to find where the leak is located. If you discover that the leak is in your backed-up gutters, then you need to clean your gutters first. But if the leak is because of a hole in the roof, make sure to cover the hole first.

4) Take pictures for insurance purposes

It is a great idea to take pictures of the leaks. Your insurance company will ask for proof that the damage is due to a roof leak. So, if you’re planning to file a claim, make sure to back it up with pictures. Capture collapsed ceiling areas, pooling water, damaged plumbing, rotten beams, peeling paint, wiring issues, structural damage, and problems with insulation.

5) Make sure to have a professional restoration

Roof leaks should be taken seriously. That is why it is crucial to ask for a professional to fix the problems. Fixing the leaks will require the right equipment and special techniques to dry, humidify, and sanitize the whole area effectively. Professional roofers can easily detect the source of the leaks and repair them accordingly. Before doing restoration, make sure to have everything checked and repaired first to avoid leak issues from occurring again.


Nobody wants to have leaks in their roofs and compromise their ceiling, walls, and other parts of the house. But once you discover a leak in your home, you should call the experts for them to check and fix the problem. This will also ensure that the same problems will be prevented and make your home a more comfortable place to live in.

If you suspect that there is any leak in your home, specifically in your roof, make sure to get in touch with us at 5 Star Roofer. We provide residential and commercial roofing services in areas including Birmingham, AL, and Brentwood, TN. Contact us today for details!

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