IKO Shingles – Brought to your home by 5 Star Roofing & Restoration

Looking for an IKO certified roofing company? IKO shingles are among the best when it comes to the performance and style of your home. And that’s why 5 Star Roofing and Restoration is now offering IKO premium, performance, architectural and traditional shingles for the enjoyment of you, your home and your neighborhood.

IKO offers four different lines of shingles to choose from depending on what you’re going for when it comes to your home. Each selection is beautiful, but also sturdy and each has it’s specialties. At 5 Star Roofing and Restoration, we’ll help you explore your options and find out what works best for you without draining your bank account or taking up any unnecessary time. Our biggest concern is always our customers, so we strive for satisfaction on ever job.

Premium Designer Shingles

Are you looking for a shingles line that is beautiful with a curbside appeal, but also can withstand the test of weather and time? The three one-of-a-kind, premium roofing shingles in the Premium line look a lot like slate tiles or cedar shakes without the associated maintenance costs and worries. IKO Armourshake, Crowne Slate and Royal Estate are the names of the shingles within our “Premium” line, and each are designed to withstand the brutal weather beating and still be beautiful.


IKO Roofing Shingles - Royal Estate ShadowSlate

Royal Estate Shingles are created to mimic the look of slate so that you can get a beautiful natural slate look without the cost. One of the more popular options, you’ll be certain to get more than a dozen compliments on a roof like this.


crown slate shingles by IKO

Crown Slate shingles are another one of our natural slate look-alikes that boost the curbside appeal of your home without boosting the expense in maintenance and repairs that slate roofing requires. This selection creates a gorgeous roofscape and will have you spending more time outside just to soak it all in.


armourshake shingles by IKO

Armourshake shingles are among one of the most popular in the Premium selection and mimic the look of hand cut wooden shakes. With a Class A Fire-Resistance rating and a beautiful curbside appeal, it’s no wonder this remains a customer favorite.


Performance Shingles

IKO Dynasty® and IKO Cambridge IR laminated asphalt shingles are the #1 option when it comes to performance roofing. Weather conditions that fight against roofing, like wind uplift, water penetration and other equally severe weather conditions are a threat of the past when it comes to IKO Performance Roofing. Why? Because our roofing shingles are fortified with Armour Zone, which is a one-of-a-kind reinforcing band that minimizes nail pull-through to maximize intense weather protection.


Dynasty Shingles by IKO

Dynasty Shingles With Armour Zone are truly built to last while also giving your home a curbside appeal that just can’t be beat. With extreme weather protection and the absolute best looks a roof can have, your roof will be the envy of your whole neighborhood in no time.


Cambridge Shingles by IKO

Cambridge Shingles With Armour Zone are the top-performing, weather-resistant shingles that will have your mouth hanging open in wonder. A favorite when it comes to looks, Cambridge Shingles are built to last and withstand the most treacherous weather conditions that usually beat up on your roof around the year. Why settle for anything less than the best when you can have Cambridge?


Traditional 3-Tab Shingles

IKO’s 3-tab asphalt roofing shingles remain a popular favorite among customers. A beautiful as well as affordable choice, they offer weather protection and beauty to any home. The Traditional 3-Tab is designed and manufactured with IKOs computer technology for consistent size as well as shape so that we can ensure uniformity and beauty for every home.


Marathon Plus Shingles - IKO Roofing Materials

Marathon Plus AR shingles are truly built to last and give your home an undeniably gorgeous exterior quality and look. Time-tested and supported with a track record that speaks volumes, the Marathon Plus AR shingles come with a whopping 25 Year warranty and are a testament of real deal quality workmanship. It just doesn’t get any better than Marathon Plus AR and the warranty for these shingles is a testament of that.


With the help of IKO Premium, Architectural, Performance or Traditional Shingles, your home will be ready to face the weather and the public in no time. Boost your curbside appeal and weather resistance without draining your bank account and give us a call TODAY to find out how IKO shingles can change your life and home for the better.