Infrared Thermal Imaging

Traditional inspection techniques don’t always get the job done.

Conventional commercial roof inspections, even by veteran rooters, cannot detect moisture pockets on your flat roof. That’s why 5 Star Roofing and Restoration uses Infrared Thermal Imaging inspections.

Using this technology we can use pinpoint accuracy while repairing your roof. This causes less material waste, labor cost, minimizes potential damage, extends the lifetime of your roof, and saves you money.

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How Infrared Imaging Works:

During the day, moisture in your roof’s insulation acts like a sponge and absorbs heat throughout the day. At night it releases the stored up heat into the atmosphere. The more moisture you have in your roof, the more heat it will release. This process is called radiational cooling.

The photos are taken in the morning and at night. This is because in the morning you can tell what part of the roof is absorbing heat and at night you can see what part of the roof is releasing heat. These thermal imaging photos allow for a more detailed inspection and more precise repairs.