Preventive Home Maintenance – Getting Your Home Ready For Cold Weather

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The lower the temp drops, the more excited we get about what is to come, right? Warm cocoa, scarves, knit caps and gloves and more. That being said, cold weather isn’t just cozy scarves and curling up with a loved one by a crackling fireplace while you watch the accumulation comfortably through your living room window. Unfortunately, there seems to be an endless to-do list of preparations for the maintenance and upkeep of our houses as the temperature outside drops lower and lower.

Keeping up with the little maintenance now can ultimately prevent costly repairs in the future. For instance, insulating your pipes can help prevent them freezing over which can and most of the time will lead to pipe bursts that disrupt your entire home plumbing system.

Changing your air filters will keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently, saving you money and keeping your home comfortable this winter.

We’ve put together a list just for you about what you can do to get your home ready for even cooler temperatures!

Get a Furnace Inspection

A leaking furnace can do a lot of damage if you skip an annual inspection. From a costly power bill to even potentially seeping deadly amounts of carbon monoxide into your house, which not only puts you in danger but whoever else is living with you and potentially even neighbors.

Have your local HVAC expert inspect your furnace for leaks and any other possible malfunctions. It can even be a good idea to change the system’s filters and stock up on some extras for an easy change when Spring comes around. If you don’t already have some, you should consider getting some carbon monoxide detectors to place throughout your home just for extra safety and precaution.

If you already have a few carbon monoxide detectors through the house, check their batteries and replace them regularly. You can do the same for your smoke detectors and just keep them on the same schedule for rotation.

Get a Roof Inspection

It’s a good idea to get a roof inspection before and after any major weather event or even before or directly after purchasing a home so that you know what you’re looking for when it comes to the life you have left on your roof or any damages or things that need to be patched or repaired.

Not only will a roof inspection help you catch issues while they’re still small and manageable, but you can save yourself a lot of money by not just replacing the roof altogether if there is still life left in it and it can be repaired easily.

Fertilize the Lawn

Have you ever wished you could make your lawn look like that lush green grass on the other side of the fence? Well we have some great news. It’s totally possible to get a lawn like that, and we’re going to tell you how. The first step is aerating the soil. This means that you use a shovel or other yard tools to puncture the earth to get plenty of oxygen under the surface.

This will allow your lawn to “breathe” and air out a little. Apply a dry fertilizer that will create a protective barrier over your soil, keeping the grass roots underneath alive when it starts to drop below freezing or when you get snow or hail. Fertilizer will also provide some essential nutrients that your grass will eat up. By taking the right steps, you can look forward to a lush, green lawn this spring and there won’t be any reason to even look over the fence.

Protect Your Potted Plants…

….Bring Them Inside!

Frost and cold weather can kill your potted plants. You can bring them inside or put them in a greenhouse to protect them.  If you can’t bring your flowers inside, you’ll end up having to replace them each year, which can get pricey. However, you can save some money by emptying, cleaning, and storing the pots and reusing them when Spring arrives.

When you’re a homeowner, you want to do your best to protect and take care of your investment. Sometimes, this requires maintenance that prevents costly damages.  First off, have your furnace inspected to keep your family warm and safe. Cleaning the gutters can prevent costly cracks and leaks that are even worse when it is cold out. If you take the time to properly retire your yard for the season by protecting outdoor furniture, fertilizing your lawn, and protecting potted plants until next spring, your yard is going to thank you later.


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