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8 Signs Your Commercial Roof Is Damaged and Needs Repairing

No matter the building you’re in, the roof will always play a huge role. Not only is it here to protect you from the outside environment, but it also protects the rest of your building. Unfortunately, a roof doesn’t last forever, and damage can soon show up on a roof that has either been through a lot of stress or is already nearing its lifespan.

That said, here are the common signs your commercial roof is damaged and needs repair:

1. Water Damage

If water is making its way into your building through a roof that is damaged, you need to get it repaired. Water damage can become a very serious issue. It is not only moisture that gets in but also humidity. Water damage can lead to mold growth, and mold can do a lot of damage to a building.

2. Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are a little different from water damage. While water damage can be a major problem if left unchecked, roof leaks are usually small and can be fixed easily. However, if a leak seems to come from a point in the roof where water is pooling, that is already just about beyond repair.

3. Cracked or Holes

Fiberglass roof tiles are a huge problem, especially when they’re old. While they’ve performed well over the years, the fibers are often weak, and the glue is brittle. This makes the whole tile susceptible to cracking and the fibers coming loose.

4. Dents

If you have a metal roof, dents are particularly big problems. While no roof is completely dent-proof, metal can be extra prone to them. Unfortunately, dents in metal are often more damaging than you’d think, as these dents can hurt the roof’s integrity and lead to failure later down the line.

5. Bursts

If you have a rubber roof, it’s not just the dents that are a problem. Bursts are also pretty common. Roof leaks are often caused by bursts. When rubber is old and weak, it can very literally burst, causing water and other debris to spew into your property and wreak havoc.

6. Fungus

Fungus growth is especially common on wood but also on plastic. If there’s some moisture and a lack of proper cleaning, the fungus can grow on a roof and even destroy a lot of the materials underneath.

7. Rot

Rot is the enemy of any type of roofing material, but it can really take its toll on wood. If the wood is allowed to get wet, it can rot very quickly.

8. Discoloration

Any roofing material can discolor if exposed to harsh sunlight and the elements. Most roofing materials, though, discolor in a way that can be repaired and is usually fixable. Wood, on the other hand, can discolor much more easily, and often, the discoloration will only get worse.


As you can see, there are a ton of signs you can keep an eye out for to understand whether your roof is damaged. In either case, if you see any of the above signs on your roof, it is vital that you call roof experts immediately to fix the problem before it gets out of hand.

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