Adding a gutter and gutter guard to roof

Solutions That Roof Contractors May Apply for Water Runoffs

There are times when too much water may damage our roof and property as a whole, which is why roofing contractors are always on the job to divert them away from our home. You may wonder what type of fixes and solutions contractors do to ensure that excess water does not overflow on our roof.

Below are just a few examples for your reference in such a case.

1. Installing a Louver System

To keep water away from your roof, you must first reduce the amount of water that flows in your home. For this, you may consider the installation of an overhang, which is simply a piece of hard material that extends the roof over your home. Depending on your budget and preference, this could be an extension of the roof or a separate structure. However, it is also important to note that you must install this on your roof as soon as possible because it can easily get rusted due to the weather, which means you have to replace it soon.

2. Installing Gutters

Another option for reducing water flooding your roof is the installation of gutters. This is a system of pipes that will catch water from your roof to reduce the amount of water that flows into your home. They are typically positioned at the bottom of your roof, which is why you may find them installed on the exterior of your home. It is important to note that the gutters may not be able to control water flooding your home all the time, but it will reduce the amount of water that flows in your home, reducing the damage inside your home.

3. Installing Ridge Vents

This is the last point of defense in the event of overflowing water on your home’s roof. The pipes and gutters could not completely control water, so you need a good way to divert them. This could be done using a ridge vent. The ridge vent is a pipe that is positioned at the top of your house, especially on the ridge of your roof. It has a series of holes on each end to allow the water to flow without any problems. However, it is important to note that this feature is more expensive than a gutter system.

4. Installing a Rain Barrel

While the previous points might reduce the water overflowing your roof, they could not prevent it entirely. This is why a good idea is to install a rain barrel, which is simply a container designed to collect rainwater. This can be installed in your home’s yard, placed under the gutters, or even installed inside your house. Its purpose is to collect excess water that flows above the gutters.

5. Installing a De-Icer

Ice and snow can also cause your roof to leak. Therefore, it is important to install a de-icer on your gutter system to prevent the accumulation of snow in your gutters. The de-icer is a simple device that creates heat to melt ice and snow from the gutters. This prevents them from clogging and spilling water into your home.


The steps stated above are some of the possible solutions that a roofer could apply to prevent water from overflowing your home’s roof. It is also possible to install a sump pump to collect excess water from your home’s basement.

Roofers have different techniques to solve this kind of problem. That said, you need to consider the steps above to choose the most appropriate fix for your home.
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