Tell-Tale Signs of an Aging Roof

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Has your roof seen better days?  If your roof is starting to show its age, catching it sooner, rather than later, can save you a bundle.  Delaying the inevitable will only cause bigger, more expensive problems in the future.

There are some tell-tale signs of an aging roof that will help you to decide if your roof needs to be replaced or repaired.  This aging roof check-list can save you money and a big headache.  Aging roofs are dangerous, so staying on top of the issue could even save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Eight Warning Signs Your Roof is Aging

  1. Age.It may sound like a “no brainer”, but the age of your shingles may be a good indicator of if your roof is ready to be replaced.  Is it at least 20 years old?  Even if it has not reached its full life expectancy, there are many factors that can lead to premature aging.  Improper ventilation, extreme weather and faulty installation are a few of the reasons a roof may experience an early demise.
  2. Shingles curling or shingles have cupped tabs.  If the edges of your shingles are curling, that is not a good sign.  The same is true with cupped tabs.  Moisture from snow can seep in and rain can pour in.  It is common for aging roofs to have either or both.
  3. Bald spots on shingles.  If granules are missing and worn on your aging roof, it’s a good sign that it is thinning down and therefore will not hold up to the elements it is often up against like rain, snow and ice storms, wind and extreme heat.
  4. Leaking. If you think your roof may be reaching its limit and it’s leaking…you are probably right.  A leaking roof can cause extensive damage like interior sheetrock deterioration, mold and mildew issues and can even dampen electrical wires and start a fire.
  5. Cracked shingles.  Cracked shingles prevent your roof from doing the job it was designed to do.  While replacing them is often a viable option, if your roof is getting up in years, the money might be better spent towards a new roof rather than the cost of replacing individual shingles.
  6. Dark streaks.  Dark and discolored streaks can be an indicator of many problems, including airborne algae build-up.  You can try hosing it down with a mix of 50-50 bleach and water.  If that doesn’t remove the dark streaks and your roof is aged to begin with, it may be a sign it is time to get another one.
  7. Neighbors are replacing their roofs. Often times in neighborhoods, houses are built at the same time.  If that’s the case with your community and your neighbors are replacing their roofs due to age, it’s a good indicator that it might be time to retire your roof as well.
  8. Worn and weathered appearance.  If your roof is getting old and looks it’s age, it is mostly likely reaching the end of its lifespan.  Wearing, tearing and withering are all signs that it’s time to replace it.

Let’s face it.  No roof lasts forever.  If your roof’s days are numbered, it’s wise to plan ahead.  Having a professional check your aging roof will help you stay on top of the situation which is always better than being caught off-guard.


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