The Most Common Roof Problems, According to Roofers

Life and work can be so busy for you that you may not even have a minute to check the important areas of your home, like your roof. No matter how well-built a building can be, it can have some unrecognized roofing issues. Often, only professional roofers can tell what’s really going on with it. It is important to know if there are problems so that proper solutions will be implemented. 

We’ve compiled the most common signs that your roof may have damage. All these are based on roofing contractors who also advised homeowners to pay attention to these common roof problems.

Wind Damage

Alabama is known to have intense weather patterns. Hurricanes and tornadoes frequently visit the state, making homes prone to severe damage.

High winds can cause tree branches and leaves to fall on your roof, which can cause damage to the roof structure. There can also be small holes in the roof that may result in more extensive damage when not fixed. 

Minor issues can turn into major ones when not found out sooner, so have your roof inspected regularly.

Ventilation Problems

Have you noticed that there’s poor ventilation in your attic? At first look, the roof may look sturdy. But if you don’t pay attention enough, you won’t know that the attic needs prompt attention. 

Proper ventilation in the attic is necessary to regulate your home’s temperature and the roof’s structure. When you have poor ventilation, you may encounter moisture buildup, have higher energy bills, experience rusting, and have a shorter roof lifespan. 

Some roof ventilation problems occur due to the wrongly installed roof turbines and ridge vents. In addition, the soffit boards and insulation may also contribute to poor attic ventilation. If you aren’t sure if there’s a ventilation problem, reach out to roofing experts to do an inspection.

Mold and Mossy Growths

Because Alabama is near the Gulf of Mexico, Alabama receives a ton of rain all year round. Excessive moisture caused by humidity and precipitation can lead to algae growth and mossy patches on the roof’s shingles. Furthermore, moss and algae growth can also be a sanctuary for insects and critters. Homeowners should eliminate them to prevent them from spreading and causing other potential damage to the structure. 

Hidden Structural Issues

Your roof may seem to be perfectly fine. However, there can be issues that are hidden and need to be uncovered. There can be deteriorating sheathing, damaged fascia boards and soffit, and decaying support beams underneath the roof structure.

Sadly, these problems may worsen without showing signs and eventually lead to even bigger property damage. This is where the importance of routine roof inspections comes in. 


Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home or any structure. Not only does it serve as protection, but it also sets the aesthetic appeal of any property. Make sure to have it inspected by reliable roofing companies near you. They can help in repairing and restoring it in case there are issues found on the roof. 

For first-rate Alabama roofing services, trust 5 Star Roofing and Restoration. We offer quality residential and commercial roofing services in Jefferson, Shelby, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, Walker, St Clair, Mobile, Baldwin, and Blount County. Contact us today for more information.

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