The Vital Things to Know about the Roof Inspection Process

One of the most important pieces of advice about roof care and maintenance is that you should have it inspected every year. Understandably, it may sound like you’re overdoing it or that it is unnecessary, especially if your roof is just a couple of years old since its first installation. However, this is very important since extreme weather can often fade and damage a roof, regardless if it’s new or old! You wouldn’t want to be caught off guard with sudden leaks and water damages, after all.

In such a case, you might be planning to have your roof checked one of these days, but you’re still unsure about the inspection process itself. What goes on before, during, and after the inspection? What can you expect to find after, and what entails the process itself? If you really want to know about these details, look no further than the following tidbits of information.

What Are the Red Flags That a Roof Maintenance Team Would Look Out For?

A couple of indicators may tell the inspection team that something’s not right with your roof. While they aren’t really that many, these simple signs may spell trouble if left unchecked or neglected:

You Have Clogged Gutters

Gutters are technically an extension of your roof. Whenever it rains, they will funnel all the rainwater so that it wouldn’t accumulate in all the unnecessary places. However, if your gutter doesn’t seem to be funneling rainwater like it used to, there might be something clogging it! 

Normally, the “perpetrators” would be dried and fallen leaves from your nearby trees, but on some occasions, your roof shingles may block the funnel passage as well. These clogs are characterized by their granular textures, so the inspection team wouldn’t have a hard time seeing them at first glance. Broken roof shingles would only mean that you would either need to repair a section of them, or you may need to replace the whole roof to really remedy the problem.

Your Ceiling Has Traces of Water Damage

It isn’t hard to spot water damage, especially if your walls or ceilings are undergoing discoloration. Aside from that, you may also have rainwater seep through your ceilings entirely, causing leaks and wet floors indoors. 

In such a case, the roof maintenance team would have to climb up and inspect which section of your roof has holes on them.

Your Ceiling Has Signs of Mold

One of the major disadvantages of having water damage at home is that molds may form and accumulate in the affected area over time. So even if there are no leaks or visible discolorations, the roof maintenance team would still need to inspect your roof thoroughly if ever they’d see signs of mold.

The Difference Between Interior Inspection and Exterior Inspection

The roof maintenance team may have to inspect both your indoors and outdoors to find the root cause of the problem. There are cases in which they will only do one of these two; however, most roof inspections would normally employ both methods to ensure that no damage would slip through the cracks!

Interior inspections are done indoors and would usually involve checking for molds, discolorations on your walls and ceilings, and leaks. They are quite straightforward since most of these are immediately visible. On the other hand, exterior inspections are all about checking your gutters, shingles, and roof surfaces for any damage or holes.


The roof inspection process isn’t really complicated. Once you understand that it is just a matter of looking out for visible holes or damages, you will come to realize that it is something that even you may do at the first sign of leaks. 

Of course, not everyone is a maintenance expert, so you may still need the help of professionals in order to tend to your roof. Have your roof checked once every year, don’t ignore any signs of damages, and immediately have it fixed once the leaks are becoming too much of a problem.

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