Top 10 Qualities to Look for in a Roofing Company

Choosing the right Roofing Contractor

There are many qualities any company that you are trusting your roof repair to should have. Your life and your family’s life (and finances) are in the hands of the team you trust to get the job done. Not all roofing companies meet the standards so be sure they at least have these attributes:

Licensed. Check to make sure you are hiring a licensed roofing company. In the state of Alabama, a roofing contractor is required by law to obtain a license. In order to pass, the applicant must pass the Alabama Business and Law exam.

Bonded. When a contracting company is bonded, the customer is protected against any mishaps, and are assured the job will be completed to specifications.

Insured. It is important that the roofing team you hire has insurance to protect against any damage to your property or third party injury.

References. Be sure your contractor has plenty of verifiable references.

Local. It is imperative that the roofing company you choose is local. You don’t want them to disappear overnight.

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Established business. Check to see how long the company you are considering has been in business.

Skilled workers. A company can only be as good as their employees. Make sure the company you go with hires ONLY skilled, professional roofers with good work ethics.

Courteous staff. It’s important that ALL of the people on staff are courteous when you are deciding upon a company you will trust with your roof. If you call and a rude receptionist answers, you might cross that company off your list right away.

Works with insurance. If you are filing an insurance claim for the job at hand, be sure to check that the roofing company works with insurance. Not all roofing companies do. And if they do, ask if they extend their courtesy to tend to matters such as actually helping you file the claim.

Check for Online Presence. Established businesses in the present times generally have at least some form of online presence. Visit their website, check out their Facebook page and see if they are on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Check the Better Business Bureau. It’s imperative to see what the company’s standing is on the BBB.

Credentials. Always ask to see the contractor’s credentials and don’t be afraid to thoroughly double check them.


Restoration Roofing Solutions in Birmingham, AL

What We Have to Offer at 5 Star Roofing and Restoration

At 5 Star Roofing & Restoration, we have what it takes to be the best licensed roofing company in Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile. We meet all the expectations and more. Here’s what we’ve got:

  • Local
  • Licensed with the State of Alabama
  • Bonded
  • Insured for $100,000 in coverage
  • Warranty on labor
  • Warranty on materials
  • Tons of references
  • Extensive portfolio
  • Courteous and polite staff
  • Hardworking, highly skilled profession roofing team
  • Work well with insurance companies (we even file your claim!)
  • Decades in the business, locally
  • Use only high-quality materials


Other Services We Offer

Roofs aren’t all we do. Some of the other services we offer are:

  • Windows
  • Insulation
  • Gutters
  • Siding

Meet 5 Star Roofing & Restoration

Five Star Roofing & Restoration is a family owned business. Established in 1973, we have been in the Birmingham and Mobile areas for decades. We have an extensive portfolio and tons of long-standing repeat customers for reference. 5 Star is built on integrity and we have a deep respect for our customers and take pride in the job we do.

Give Us a Call – 251.405.3553

We offer free assessments and free quotes as well. If you need a new roof or roofing repair, turn to the best licensed roofing company in Birmingham and Mobile for an excellent job, guaranteed.

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