Roof Damage from Fallen Leaves: What You Need to Know

Autumn may look beautiful with all the golden leaves falling from trees softly, but it can be such a hassle, too, when you’ve got piles of leaves to rake and clean up from your yard. But even that’s much easier compared to the task of getting rid of those leaves that accumulated on your roofing. If you have ever tried cleaning your roof, you know how hard it is to rid it of all the leaves and debris completely. Even the task itself can lead to damages, but so does allowing them to stay on your roof. 

In this post, 5 Star Roofer, trusted roofers in Birmingham, shares why you should remove fallen leaves, twigs, and other debris from your roofing:

Why You Should Remove Fallen Leaves from Your Roofing

Yes, your roofing system may be a sturdy one, but that does not mean that it’s in no way at risk of damages. No matter what material it may be, the roof is not impenetrable. The truth is, without proper maintenance and regular cleaning, your roofing has a much shorter lifespan than what the manufacturer promised. As a homeowner, you are expected to take care of your property, including getting rid of leaves on the roof. 

When leaves are allowed to sit on the roof for a while, they will get wet and plastered against the roof shingles. This can cause rotting and, eventually, water damage, which can affect the structural integrity of your home. 

You might think that it’s going to take years before leaves can accumulate on your roof, but if there’s a tree nearby and if there are branches hanging over the roof, you can bet the damage can happen within a single season. 

Also, you should know that those soggy piles of leaves on the roof also add weight which your roofing isn’t designed for. Leaves, when wet and in huge piles, can be pretty heavy, and it can lead to problems with the roof, the underlayment and even cause warping of the supporting beams of your house. 

How to Prevent Damage Caused by Fallen Leaves

Aside from cleaning your roof during fall, here are some of the things that you can do to avoid damaging your roof:

  • Trim the trees on your property. While the shade the trees offer is good, it can undoubtedly cause damages, too. It’s better to call in a pro to trim trees that could potentially damage your roof. 
  • Make sure your gutters are not clogged. Water and snow should be able to flow through the gutters freely. However, when they’re filled with fallen leaves and other debris, the water won’t flow properly through the gutters and instead overflow close to the house. That means that the problem is not just with the roof now, but potentially, with the basement, too. 
  • Perform regular inspections. The only way you can know for sure that your roof is still in good condition is by having it thoroughly checked by expert roofers. You can do it, too, but it’s likely not going to be as thorough as one done by a pro. 
  • Remove leaves. Despite your preventive measures, it’s likely that there would still be a lot of leaves on your roofing. Safely climb your roof only if it has a low pitch. Make sure that you have the tools and equipment you need so you won’t have to go back and forth. 


Autumn leaves are not as harmless as one might think. In fact, they can be damaging, especially when they’re left to rot on your roofing. Make sure that you follow the tips shared above and always remember the reasons why you should never allow leaves to pile up and get rotten on your roofing. If the task is too challenging for you, you can reach out to seasoned roofers who can inspect and perform roof maintenance for you. 

5 Star Roofer is one of the most trusted roof contractors in Birmingham, AL, that can provide you with services including maintenance, repair, and installation, among others. Contact our team today to get a quote for our services!

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