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What to Know about Roof Tear Off & Roofing Contractors

If you’re ready for your leaky roof to get replaced, then it’s important that your roof proposal includes an itemized list of everything involved with roof replacement. Some people have a tendency to be confused when it comes to the item “old roof tear-off.”

When you hire a professional roofing contractor, they should be able to explain the entire roof tear-off process to you! That way, you can better prepare for the roof replacement process as a whole.

The Roof Tear Off: What Is It?

The old roof will need to be removed in sections when you get a new roof for yourself. Your roofing contractor will work their way up your home in order to tear off the old shingles, layer by layer. The tear-off is vital to the overall replacement process.

It should be noted that a roof replacement’s tear-off process can likely look incredibly chaotic. The good news is, all of that “chaos” is actually under control. There are three key steps that roofing contractors take on:

1. Your Roofing Contractor Will Keep the Property Protected 

Cleaning up after a roofing job is one of the most vital parts of the service. Roofers need to protect your property and make sure everything is safe, which includes installing tarps to protect the surrounding greenery and landscaping and removing debris within the worksite. 

Once they install a tarp over the surrounding area, they must clean up everything inside the worksite. Once everything is clean and ready for you, you can choose to move your furniture back into place. 

This is done so that roof debris comes off onto a dump tarp or into a dump trailer. It keeps all that junk away from your landscaping or yard. It’s only when the property is protected that the actual tear-off process can begin.

2. Your Roofing Contractor Will Tear Your Old Roof Off

A “tear-off” fork will be used by a roofing contractor to start tearing the old roof off. The tools slide under shingles easily, so that they can be lifted with no issue. Their starting point will be farthest from the dump trailer. At that point, the forks will tear off the old roof section by section.

There’s a crew that will go section to section as they go about tearing off. A secondary crew will make sure the materials torn off go in the tarped landing zone or the dump trailer, whatever means of waste management you’ve set out.

3. Your Roofing Contractor Will Handle the Old Nails of Your Roof

The roof’s old nails from the decking need to be addressed after shingles are moved. Exposed overhangs or exposed ceilings will need the contractor to actually pull the nails out. If they’re dealing with plywood, they will knock nails down to make sure they’re straight and flush into the decking.


Roof tear-off is something that needs to be done by a professional roofing contractor. While it may look chaotic, it’s a very controlled situation. It’s a three-step process that involves keeping property protected, tearing the old roof off, and dealing with the roof’s old nails. 

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