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Why You Need Gutter Repair from a Roofing Company

Gutters are essential to a home’s exterior. They protect against water damage caused by buildup and runoff while improving your home’s curb appeal by keeping rain and snow off your roof. These gutters often include downspouts, which carry water from your roof to the ground.

Over time, these valuable tools suffer from wear and tear, requiring repair. We’ll look at the signs you need to look out for and why you need a professional roofing company to get this job done.

Signs that Your Gutters May Need Repair

  • Water pooling: If you notice water pooling or spilling onto the ground from your gutters, they may need professional repair. If your gutters are not working correctly, they can become clogged with leaves, debris, and other things in your yard. These materials can cause clogging, erosion, and flooding problems. 
  • Debris: Another problem that may occur is that, over time, debris can accumulate at the bottom of your gutters, which can put pressure on them and cause the gutters to distort or collapse. If you notice water pooling or spilling over from the drains in your home, contact a professional roofing company for a free estimate today.

Maintaining your gutters by cleaning them regularly can help prevent dirt and debris from accumulating, clogging, or even damaging the channels themselves. Professional gutter repair companies will be able to clear out leaves, debris, or moss from your gutters to improve drainage and prevent clogs. Additionally, regular gutter cleaning can avoid issues that could potentially harm the foundation and roof of your home. 

  • Rusty or hole-y drains: Gutters will rust due to constant use and age. You’ll need a complete replacement in this scenario, hence the need for professionals.

Why Professional Gutter Repair from a Roofing Company?

First off, you can’t DIY a gutter problem because it’s connected to a chain in your roofing system. Remember that drains guide whatever hits your roof to the gutter. So if you have a gutter problem, you may also have a roofing concern. This is especially true if you have a tree right next to your house and leaves happen to shed on your rooftop or drain.

Second, addressing a drainage problem by yourself may cause more significant issues. Since the gutters are connected to your roof, you may damage a few shingles or even the siding, which will rack up your repair bills.

In the next portion, we’ll discuss how you can go about these problems with the help of a pro roofing company.

Conducting Repairs with the Pros

  • Observe the problem areas: Inspect your drainage and roofing to note anything ordinary. These could include —but are not limited to — the three signs mentioned above: rusty drainage, pooled water, or debris.
  • If it’s a matter of debris, clean: First, wipe down the gutters with a hose to remove any dirt or leaves from the previous season. Then, pour a pot of hot water into the drain and wait until it reaches a boil. When it boils, grab the plunger and plunge the gutter until all the water comes out. Finally, rinse the gutters and hose them down to remove any moisture left behind.
  • Contact a roofing company: Once the area has been cleaned, contact professionals immediately so they can give an assessment. Share your observations and compare notes to help them understand the situation better.


The only aspect of gutter repair you can do yourself is clean it before the pros step in. After that, share all your information with them so they can do a better job. They make your life much easier while reducing the potential expenses you’ll incur if you do it independently.

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