Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Commercial Roof Inspection

Roof inspections are critical to a roof’s condition and lifespan. All types of roofs need regular inspections and maintenance, but it’s especially important for commercial roofs. Any damage to a commercial roof can lead to tremendous loss of revenue, not to mention it can threaten the safety of everyone who works in the building.

You won’t know your roof’s condition without thorough roof inspections. They will determine your roof’s integrity, how long it’s likely to last, and if it needs repairs. If you don’t inspect your roof regularly, minor damage can develop into major problems that can be expensive to repair.

There are specific procedures and long checklists to accomplish during every inspection, which is why a highly qualified professional should do it. Even if you or your workers are handy with tools and home repairs, that doesn’t mean you should get up on your commercial roof to do the inspection yourself. Here are four reasons outlining why:

DIY Roof Inspection Is Dangerous

The simple act of stepping on a commercial roof is already incredibly dangerous. Walking around and performing an inspection if you aren’t an experienced professional has so many inherent safety risks and hazards. One slip can lead to a deadly fall. Skylights and other roof elements can be compromised. If any part of it is leaking, you can step right through it.

Additionally, any employee working on your roof may entail an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety violation. Your business must be OSHA-compliant at all times.

Professional roofing contractors are intimately familiar with all the safety precautions that come with roof inspections. They have all the equipment and knowledge to inspect your roof safely and efficiently.

DIY Roof Inspection Will Void Your Warranty

Roof installations come with iron-clad warranties that may be voided if you do any kind of work on your roof. If you void your warranty, you will end up spending a lot of money on future roof repairs. This is why you should leave the work of roof inspection to the professionals.

Roof Inspection Is Not Easy

The most important reason why you shouldn’t do any kind of roof inspection on your own is that it’s not easy. It is certainly not as simple as just walking on your roof and looking around. You can’t perform a proper inspection if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Experienced roofing professionals will be able to spot all the problems on your roof and give you an accurate, thorough assessment of its condition. Specialists can quickly identify leaks and ice dams, check the condition of your roof shingles, and spot any problems with roof flashing and other vulnerable areas of your commercial roof.

Professional roof inspection means all problems are identified, and all necessary repairs can begin immediately. Knowing that your roof is taken care of will give you the peace of mind you need!


Commercial roof inspections should always be done by a qualified professional. Any alternative would mean OSHA safety violations, a voided roofing warranty, and most of all, significant safety hazards for you and your employees. A roofing professional will perform the inspection safely, efficiently, and thoroughly.

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