6 Commercial Roof Problems That Indicate a Replacement

Your commercial building’s roof probably gives you headaches because of numerous issues you constantly have to deal with every time. It concerns you because the roof is essential to ensure you have a smooth business operation since it protects your employees, products, equipment, and paperwork. If you are thinking about moving out and looking for another place of business just because of your roof problems, consider a roof replacement first! 

If roof repair is doing you no good at all, this is because some roof problems require immediate replacement instead of a repair. To help you determine if your roof is in need of replacement, here are some of the issues you need to look out for: 

1. Your Roof Has Sag Spots

A sagging spot is an indication that your roof has reached its maximum weight limit and has been enduring additional weights for an extended period. It may also be caused by water damage to a weak roof surface. Although it can be repaired, widespread sagging, however, requires immediate replacement. 

2. Your Roof Smells Musty

If you experience smelling something moldy when you walk into your building’s room, the smell is a telltale sign that the roof already needs replacement. A musty smell is usually caused by moisture and improper attic ventilation. Once mold has formed, it adds danger to your roof’s condition, enhancing the smell that can affect your health. If this is the case, it is better to replace your roof immediately to avoid leading to dangerous circumstances. 

3. Your Roof Has Leaks

Roof leaks create so much hassle because you have to keep an eye on them to avoid causing damage to your equipment or flooring. Your building’s roof leak may be brought by interior water damage, which is dangerous if not fixed immediately. Interior water damage will affect not only your ceiling but also the walls and floors in your building. 

4. Your Roof Has Bubbles and Blistering

It is not normal for a commercial building to have bubbles and blisters on its roof. If both are present, the roof has probably accumulated moisture or air that has gotten trapped underneath. While a repair for this kind of damage is still possible, you’ll probably end up experiencing the same issue again over time. That’s why it’s more practical to choose a roof replacement instead. 

5. Your Roof Can’t Reflect the Sun

There’s no use in having a roof if it can’t reflect the sun. If you can still feel hot even when your HVAC is on, you might want to consider replacing your roof since it may be the one causing the heat. An efficient roof has a cool coating or special reflective pigments to reflect the sunlight preventing heat from penetrating inside. If you choose not to install a new one, your electricity bill may increase due to your HVAC’s extreme consumption. 

6. Your Roof Is Old

It’s time to let your roof retire, especially if it has served its purpose already. Old roofs may cause recurring problems that may cost you more than installing a new one. Once your roof has reached its expected lifespan, minor issues will start to occur, and multiple repairs will just weaken it more. Most of the time, a commercial roof’s ideal life span is around 25 years; if your building’s roof is already beyond that, call for a replacement.  


In many cases, commercial buildings experience these common roof problems more than once. Property owners then end up looking for another solution rather than replacing the roof itself. While a repair can help, it will only be a short-term and impractical solution. Once you notice these issues, contact a trusted roofing contractor for a roof replacement.

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